Course Advice for Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics

"Based on work experience and teaching I can say that any mathematics is valuable – particularly the training in logical layout of a problem and rigorous analysis"

Dr Peter E. Castro, PhD, New York University, Modeller and academic, Eastman Kodak Company
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These pages contain information to help you choose mathematics & statistics subjects as part of your degree, as breadth, or for the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences.

Prospective Students

Information for prospective undergraduate students.

First year

Information to help you choose your first-year Mathematics & Statistics subjects


Information about the majors in:

  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Computational Biology
  • Data Science
  • Mathematical Physics

Diploma in Mathematical Sciences

An add-on diploma that allows you to study additional mathematics & statistics alongside another degree.

Maths & Stats to complement other majors

Information to help you choose elective mathematics & statistics subjects to complement another major

More information

Events and places to get more information about subjects or individual help with course planning