Course Advice for Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics

"Based on work experience and teaching I can say that any mathematics is valuable – particularly the training in logical layout of a problem and rigorous analysis"

Dr Peter E. Castro, PhD, New York University, Modeller and academic, Eastman Kodak Company
Image Credit: Mathematica

Our mathematics and statistics subjects are designed to enable students to develop a broad range of skills valued by employers in commerce, industry and technology and education. Students who choose to major in mathematics and statistics as part of their BSc or who do a Diploma in Mathematical Sciences study one area of mathematics and statistics in greater depth and, as well as having greater skills to take into the workplace, have the option of undertaking our masters program. Please explore the pages listed on the right under Course Advice to find out your options.

Students are encouraged to seek individual course advice from one of the Mathematics and Statistics Course Advisers.