Options for First Year - Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music may take up to two Mathematics and Statistics subjects in first year to fulfill the requirement for breadth. Please refer to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music website for further details about your choices. Some common options are listed below.

Mathematics and Statistics breadth subjects

These subjects are suitable for Arts or Music students looking for a single mathematics & statistics subject for their first year, and have no additional mathematics prerequisites.

Subject Offered in
Semester 1
Semester 2

Mainstream Mathematics and Statistics subjects

Students who have completed VCE mathematics may also choose from the subjects below, according to their VCE background.

Study Score Subject Offered in
≥25 in Mathematical Methods 3/4
Semester 2
≥38 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
Semester 1
Semester 2
Between 29 and 39 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
Semester 1 and 2
Semester 1, 2 and summer
≥25 in Mathematical Methods 3/4 and no (or ≤29 in) Specialist Mathematics 3/4
MAST10006 Calculus 1
Note: After completing MAST10005, students may proceed to MAST10006 and/or MAST10007 if they wish.
Semester 1 and 2
Students with a qualification other than VCE should see a course advisor in the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre in the Peter Hall Building (formerly Richard Berry) about their options.

Note: Students intending to take the Diploma of Mathematical Sciences, or wishing to continue to second-year mathematics and statistics subjects, should follow the recommendations for the Mathematics and Statistics major in the Bachelor of Science.

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