Mathematics and Statistics Options for First Year - Bachelor of Biomedicine

Your choice of subjects in Mathematics and Statistics depends on whether or not you plan to major in Bioengineering. Please refer to the Bachelor of Biomedicine website for further details about your choices. Most students are required to do two mathematics and statistics subjects in first year. Please refer to the Unversity Handbook for a complete description of these subjects.

Biomedicine Except for Bioengineering major

Students are allocated to two subjects on the basis of whether or not Biology was done in the final year of school:

Students who have
First Year
Semester 1
Semester 2
Completed Biology 3/4 or equivalent
Not completed Biology 3/4 or equivalent
** Note: Students intending to major in Health Informatics take the subject COMP10001 Foundations of Computing instead of MAST10011 Experimental Design & Data Analysis.



The choice of subject depends on your study score in VCE Mathematics.

Study Score Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 2 of First Year or
Summer Semester or Semester 1 of Second Year
≥38 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
Between 29 and 39 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
≥25 in Mathematical Methods 3/4 and no (or ≤29 in) Specialist Mathematics 3/4