Mathematics and Statistics Options for First Year - Bachelor of Science

Your choice of subjects in Mathematics and Statistics depends on your VCE subjects and your planned area of major studies. Please refer to the Bachelor of Science website for further details about your options. Some common choices of subjects are below. Please refer to the Unversity Handbook for a complete description of these subjects.

Science students with a qualification other than VCE should ask Stop 1 for advice about their first year mathematics and statistics subjects. Students requiring further mathematics and statistics course advice, may see a course advisor in the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre in the Peter Hall Building (formerly Richard Berry).

Area of Major Studies Study Score Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 2 of First Year or
Summer Semester

Mathematics and Statistics**
Physical Sciences**
Engineering Systems**
Diploma of Mathematical Sciences**

≥38 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
Between 29 and 39 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
(Note 2 below)
≥25 in Mathematical Methods 3/4 and no (or ≤29 in) Specialist Mathematics 3/4
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Biomedical Sciences
≥29 in Specialist Mathematics 3/4
≥25 in Mathematical Methods 3/4 and no (or ≤29 in) Specialist Mathematics 3/4
MAST 10010 Data Analysis 1  

** Students planning to major in these areas are required to do one of the listed pairs of mathematics and statistics subjects in first year.

££ Students in some Engineering Systems majors may defer MAST10007 Linear Algebra until the first semester of second year.

Entry to MAST10008 Accelerated Mathematics 1

Permission to enrol in MAST10008 is automatic only for students who have obtained a Study Score of 38 or more for VCE Specialist Mathematics 3/4 or a score of 6 or higher in IB HL Mathematics. (This is the Study Score issued by VCAA, not the scaled up Study Score used for ATAR calculations.)

Science students with a qualification other than VCE year 12 (interstate, overseas, Trinity Foundation etc.) should ask Stop 1 for advice about whether they are automatically eligible for entry to MAST10008.

Students who are not automatically eligible, but are very keen to enter MAST10008 (e.g. Actuarial studies as breadth) may be eligible to sit the Advanced Placement Test (APT) held during the Friday of Orientation Week of Semester 1. Information about the APT is available here.