Computing electives for Mathematics and Statistics majors

In many areas of employment for Mathematics and Statistics majors, as well as further study in many areas of mathematics and statistics, modern computing skills are an important requirement.
The Computing and Software Systems (CSS) major offers Level 2 subjects as one pathway to a CSS major in third year. Any of these subjects would provide useful computing electives for Mathematics and Statistics majors, whether taken in second or third year.

The pathway starting from Level 2 subjects is the combination:

Semester 1: COMP20005 Engineering Computation
Note: Engineering Systems Design 2 is given as a recommended background for this subject, but is not required for Mathematics and Statistics majors.
This subject satisfies the computing prerequisite for the core Applied Mathematics subject MAST30028 Numerical Methods & Scientific Computing.

Semester 2: COMP20003 Algorithms and Data Structures
and/or SWEN20003 Object-oriented Software Development

Students wishing to include computing subjects in their first year of study should complete COMP10001 Foundations of Computing and/or COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms.